Jane is a writer and director for film, theatre, games and interactive experiences. Jane works as a solo artist, a collaborator, a freelance artist/ consultant, a public speaker and guest lecturer. Jane's work as an artist explores the impact of storytelling, immersion, intimacy, shared experience and human connection.

Jane likes to experiment with new inventions (e.g Audio, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality Tactile Technology), however my focus is always on designing high impact experiences with a strong narrative. My work explores the impact of storytelling, shared experience and human connection. I start with a story then explore the best platform on which to tell it.

Jane’s work has been shown in community spaces, UK parliament, abandoned buildings, UN Headquarters, International festivals (Sheffield DocFest, Edinburgh Fringe, Barbican, Watershed, Raindance, Brighton Basement, Roundhouse, Battersea Arts Centre, Tom Thumb Theatre, London Design Festival), Europe (Cannes Lions Festival), America (Future of Storytelling, Festival of Wonder, New York Academy of Medicine), South America (DocFest & British Council Tour), Canada (Nouveau Cinema Festival), Australia Experimenta (Licensed Tour) & Asia (Jakarta Film Festival, Jogyakarta Festival, British Council Licensed tour of Asia).