“Jane Gauntlett is an innovator in VR film and art”. Blouin Artinfo

In My Shoes: Waking in Slough

“Jane Gauntlett's traumatic brain injury forced her to rethink her approach to performance. The result is an innovative and immersive mix of deeply personal story-telling and wearable tech...The success of the first incarnation - reactions run the gamut of emotion but are never underwhelmed - led to the evolution of the piece” Fred McConnell, Guardian

“The video art room was of a particularly high standard, with Jane Gauntlett's ‘In My Shoes: Waking In Slough’ being a personal favourite. Her use of Point-Of-View camera work to explore epilepsy and brain injury was amazing, and she took the viewer by the hand and allowed them into her existence as they saw and experienced the world through her eyes”. Disability Arts Online

In My Shoes: Dancing with Myself

“In My Shoes: Dancing With Myself “immerses the viewer into the unsettling, mesmerizing experience of having a seizure… It's not unusual to see tears rolling down people's cheeks as they take off the headset. Emma Watts, Broadly, Vice

“After shows, audience members will frequently come to her and ask endless questions about her, then proceed to tell her all about themselves, as if they need to share who they are. I can understand the impulse”. Thomas Mcmullan Alphr

“A Fascinating Piece About Human Connection... A Remarkably Enlightening Experiment...” Upload VR

“In My Shoes' is as close as you can get to literally being somebody else”. Philip Ellis, Huffington Post

In My Shoes: Intimacy

“A Fascinating Piece About Human Connection… A Remarkably Enlightening Experiment... Intimacy has some important reminders behind it about human connection, and the ways in which you discover them are some of the most unique and interesting I’ve yet seen in VR...

Intimacy gives you a virtual mask to hide under, an identity to assume, and then lets you take it all off and sit and have an honest conversation about what you thought about your other costumed accomplice, and the results will surprise you” Jamie Feltham, Upload VR

“The In My Shoes Project has the ability of this to really touch home and change the way physicians think and the way they care for their patients.” Chris Benecchi, Practical Neurology