WHAT it is

 WHERE it came from

The In My Shoes Project was inspired by my own challenges and experiences. In 2007 I was attacked, I had a traumatic brain injury (amnesia, aphasia, epilepsy). I lost the ability to communicate. I used storytelling, technology and immersion (interaction, blindfolds, video goggles (vuzix) touch, taste and smell) as an alternative method of communication. I wrote interactive audio experiences for my friends, family and medical team who stopped treating me as a victim/ patient and began to understand/ collaborate with me.

This worked for me. It inspired my friends/ associates to understand me. It gave me a sense of inclusion, empowerment. I became a collaborator/ facilitator in sharing the stories of others. I made interactive experiences with people and their families so they could share their experiences. This worked. I have written over 100 pieces. Shared the experiences of young people who were being groomed as terrorists to share their experiences with thinktanks, I run workshops in parliament to challenge politicians to put themselves in the shoes of the people whose lives they impact. I also use it as a tool for activists, when Esther McVey became elected for the role of Welfare Secretary I worked with people whose lives had been devastated by her previous actions in this area to write an In My Shoes audio letter. She made a uturn on her decisions, whether or not she listenend to to piece bares little importance, giving people the platform to share their experiences, share my feeling of empowerment is what matters to me.