An new Interactive Experience for two using virtual reality and 360 film from the In My Shoes Project

In My Shoes: Intimacy is a new 360 experience which explores the power of human connection. Put aside your inhibitions, sit down with a partner, look into their eyes. Let these strangers guide you through their impromptu, unconventional & intense moments of intimacy.

Intimacy is a first-person documentary designed for two people to experience three encounters from six very different perspectives. It tells the stories of two strangers, two comrades and two lovers. It explores the importance of intimacy in survival, relationships and sexuality from a first-person perspective.

Set on a sofa, the experience will develop the relationship of the two participants through the interactions of the characters they will embody. Through eye contact, touch, undressing, redressing and 360 video the piece explores the many meanings and forms of human Intimacy.

In My Shoes: Intimacy premiered at Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2017 as part of Alternate Realities. Intimacy is currently touring internationally and screenings have included DocMontevideo (Uruguay) DOCSP (Brazil) Future of Storytelling (NY, USA) Noviembre Electrónico (Argentina) Experimenta/ Melbourne International Festival (Melb, Australia) 

Writer/ Director: Jane Gauntlett
Co-Director: Andrew Somerville
Producer: Jane Gauntlett
Creative Producer: Tessa Ratuszynska
Art Director: Tim Kelleher
Music: Sylvana Joyce & The Moment
Lighting Designer & Creative Consultant: Natalie Jones

Cast: Sarah Cowan, George Collie, Daniel James, Ellie Stamp, Neil Connolly, Stella Taylor

360 Video Production Studio: Visualise
Sound Recording & 3D Post-Production: 1.618 Digital

If you are interested in showing Intimacy and would like to see a press pack or screener please email