IN MY SHOES: NEUROLOGICAL HOSPITAL FOR NEUROLOGY & NEUROSURGERY Workshops & collaborative audio experiences - A library of almost 100 solo and interactive experiences
IN MY SHOES: THE STROKE PROJECT Workshops & collaborative audio experiences, Manor Gardens IN MY SHOES: WORKSHOPS EXPERIMENTA FESTIVAL Art & Technology, Melbourne (2017) LIGHTHOUSE, Interactive Theatre & Technology, Brighton (2017), TRICYCLE THEATRE Takeover Workshop (2016), IDEAS STORE London, Young Carers, Game & Performance Workshop (2015).


ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART Digital Direction MA, Visiting Lecturer (2017-2018), UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON Empathy, BATH HOSPITAL Empathy in Medicine (2016), NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Empathy & Technology (2015), COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Art & Technology (2015), CENTRAL ST MARTINS Product Design, Design for empathy (MA, 2015).