Experience what it is to be an astronaut, a politician, or a dominatrix; a paramedic, a murderer or an activist… step into their shoes, hear their thoughts, touch, taste and see the world as they do.

In My Shoes is an internationally recognised empathy project, it is an ever-expanding collection of first-person documentary style interactive performances, which guide participants through the beautiful, the challenging, the mundane and the surreal aspects of being human. In My Shoes is a fusion of documentary, education and theatre, In My Shoes has been exhibited at international art spaces, festivals, hospitals, universities and conferences.

The story behind the In My Shoes Project: 

Latest Project: In My Shoes: Dancing With Myself                                                                                  

Dancing with Myself is the virtual reality retelling of a September evening filled with friends, food and seizures. Experienced from a first person perspective.

Jane has a neurological condition. She has seizures that inhibit control of her thoughts, words and actions. Jane’s form of epilepsy is complex and unpredictable, and makes her feel as though “an unruly beast” inhabits her body. Her life is regularly injected with surrealism, embarrassment and kindness.

Dancing with Myself dares you to let go of your preconceptions and step into Jane's shoes for only 20 minutes. It is her story, told through her eyes, and with her thoughts – faithfully recreated in an immersive, empathetic, and theatrical experience.

Previous Adventures: Theatres - Roundhouse, Battersea Arts Centre; Festivals - Aspen Ideas Festival, Virtual Reality UK Festival, Thames Festival, Design Festival, London Live Arts Festival; Universities; University College London, King's College London, City University, Oxford University, New York University, Columbia University; Conferences - American Epilepsy Association, American Association of Neurologists General Meeting.